My Vow

To help each living being attain liberation from ignorance and suffering


This self frequently gives a blessing, “may you forget the word ‘I’” and often writes ‘i” , instead of “I”. And, here below, practically every paragraph begins with “I” and “my”. I would much rather it was written by someone else referring to this self in third person. But I have been advised to write in first person. My sincerest apologies to those who will read it, for misleading them by setting a bad example of what would appear to be ego.

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The Himalayan Tradition

The Backdrop
Human mind has always searched the Truth- the true meaning of life and the universe in which we live. The most ancient of this search and understanding is that of the Himalayan Tradition. It dates back to over 15,000 years in the region of the Indo-Gangetic Plains hemmed by the Himalaya mountain ranges. The Himalayas became the refuge and the muse of several thousand seers, monks

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From The Blog

Precious Moments

Maha Samadhi
Swamiji Resting in peace
SVB – Diwali 2014
Lighted 4000 little lamps in Ashram – Diwali 2014
SVB at Home – II
SVB at Home – I
Recognition Award Presented to SVB
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