This self frequently gives a blessing, “may you forget the word ‘I’” and often writes ‘i” , instead of “I”. And, here below, practically every paragraph begins with “I” and “my”. I would much rather it was written by someone else referring to this self in third person. But I have been advised to write in first person. My sincerest apologies to those who will read it, for misleading them by setting a bad example of what would appear to be ego.

Swami Veda Bharati
Swami Veda Bharati

I was born in 1933 and was raised in the five-thousand-year-old tradition of Sanskrit-speaking scholar-philosophers of India. I have been teaching the Yoga-sutras of Patanjali from the age of nine and the Vedas from the age of eleven.

I was proclaimed a “Child Prodigy” by the Hindi press in 1946 “having exceptional knowledge of Vedas”.  I started getting invited to colleges, universities throughout North India as well as address crowed of thousands.  Since 1947, I have been on the move, travelling worldwide, giving discourses and establishing meditation centers. I recall in 1949 giving 49 lectures in one week in a certain city.

I have never been to a gurukula or a school.  All my knowledge has come intuitively.  However, the ever inquisitive student in me and the ever changing dynamics of the world made me attain all my academic degrees in just two years.  During 1965 to 1967 – I completed B.A. (Honors) (London), M.A. (London) and Dr. Litt. (Holland). Then I taught at the University of Minnesota in USA.

In 1969, while still at the same University, I was fortunate to meet my Spiritual Master, Swami Rama of The Himalayas, for whom I had been searching for 19 years prior.  He initiated me into the most interior paths of Dhyana-yoga.

I have studied the scriptures of all major religions, and some less known ones, and understand 17 languages with varying degrees of fluency.  This allows me to teach meditation to people of different faiths – Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Zoroastrians – from within their own scriptural and meditative traditions.

I have also spent a lot of time in studying religious, spiritual and literary traditions of different world cultures from China to Africa to different parts of Europe.  An example in case, in Italy I teach Dante’s Il Paradiso as a text of the experience of divine light in meditation.  I have been visited by masters of the Sufi orders and have 45 hours of recordings of lectures on Christian traditions of meditation.

I have recorded over 4000 hours of lectures on history, philosophy and practices of meditation.  I promote and support resolving individual and social conflicts through a study of ancient civilizations adapted to suit modern cultures and lifestyle choices.

I have established more than 50 centers of Yoga and Meditation across continents including Africa, Europe, The Americas. I take care of these 50 meditation groups and have two ashrams in Rishikesh, India. I mainly stay at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, on Virbhadra Road, Rishikesh, when not traveling around the world.  Seekers from world over come to the Ashram to learn meditation and undergo varying periods of Silence under my guidance.

I have a keen interest in maintaining the relationship of science and meditation.  My Ashram in Rishikesh has a research laboratory that is into measuring the psycho-neuro-physiological responses to the different practices of meditation.

In that context, I have been the subject of several experiments in the neurology of Meditation in institutions like the Institute of Noetic Sciences, California.  In a unique experiment, sitting outside a Faraday Chamber, I blocked the photon beams in an interferometer, which was inside the chamber, nine times in a row, proving the power of the volition of consciousness over material energies. The results of this experiment have been published in the scientific press.

Some of the forums I have lectured in include –  World Parliament of Religions in Cape Town – South Africa and Barcelona,Spain; Shakespeare Globe Theatre in London, England; The Episcopalian Cathedral in Utah – USA; the UNESCO Chair of Peace Studies, Innsbruck, Austria; and at the Palacio Vecchio (City Hall) Department of Peace, Firenze,Italy.

I have participated in discussions at places like The Chinese Taoist Headquarters in Beijing, China. I have also sat on the ancient ruins of the walls of the Academy of Philosophy where Plato taught, in Athens, and have lectured there to a group.

Among the more significant conferences I have participated in include: the World Council of Religious Leaders in the United Nations building. I am an active member of many inter-faith dialogues including the ones currently organized by GPIW (Global Peace Initiative of Women) and have an affectionate relationship with eminent Sufi guides.

Muslims have called me a ‘darwesh’, others have referred to me as ‘scholar-saint’ but I am simply a disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas whose book LIVING WITH  THE HIMALAYAN MASTERS is a very worth reading classic, and his true introduction.

I have authored approximately 18 books on Indian spirituality including a 1500 page comprehensive commentary on two of the four chapters of Patanjali’s Yoga-sutras. One of my books “Mantra – The Sacred Chant”, I am told, is the first e-book from India to appear in Amazon Kindle.

My short book WANAM: AFRICA AND INDIA compares the spiritual traditions and experience of India and Africa; it is based on my personal interaction with the spirituality in Francophone West Africa. The book was released at the Egyptian Embassy to the African Ambassadors in Delhi and also at a special function at the Unviversity of the West Indies in Trinidad.

In a private meeting the office bearers at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation in London called my recent book WHAT IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD “an amazing book”. It has been endorsed by eminent personalities like Dr. Klaes Nobel (of the Nobel family), Dr. R.K. Pachauri (Chairman of UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), Erwin Laszlo (Founder Chairman of the Club of Budapest), Satish Kumar (editor of Resurgence Magazine and founder of Schumacher College, England) and Mark Tully, Chief of Delhi Bureau of BBC who has also interviewed me many times.

Since 1999, I hold the prestigious title of Mahamandaleshwara in the Swami order of monks.  I am also the Chancellor of HIHT University, Dehradun, which was established by my Master Swami Rama.  Before taking the vows of Swamihood in 1992, I was known as Dr. Usharbudh Arya.

My personal ideology is based on the vows of Bodhisattva and that is:
“I shall not fear, hesitate or turn back; Not till all the myriad living beings (from human beings down to blades of grass) [actually the original Sanskrit and Tibetan have : from a blade of grass to Brahma of every universe] have been liberated from ignorance and suffering , only then,  shall I enter my nirvana”.

My quest is to know how God of many names and No-Name, of many forms and No-Forms has manifested Herself in all quarters, religions, art forms and the unity of all the scientific fields; and to know the unity of all of these areas of human revelation and exploration. One of my lectures, emphasizing the unity of science and spirituality (often not formal religion), is titled:

Science is the most beautiful spiritual poem ever composed.

This quest for unity in the universe made me spend almost 67 years in teaching and enabling individuals and collectives to embrace the idea of peace within themselves through revealed knowledge and the methods of yoga and meditation.

My world view is;
“Every step I take, every news I read, every word I speak, every decision I make, every motion I choose, even an eyewink – What is its place in the consciousness of the total cosmic order?  Does it lead to liberation of all the uncountable myriad living beings from ignorance and consequent suffering?”

You may take me as one in his 78th year of life, or you may look at the MRI scan done at Bremen University in Germany that shows that my brain is 53-55 years old (one effect of meditation practices). So how old am I?

In some families, in some countries (as I belong to all countries of the world and am equally patriotic to them all when I am there), I am into my fifth generation of loving relationship, to some as a spiritual guide. So I have spoken to at least five generations as their ‘language’ changes through the generations. Now I want to hear the language of the contemporary generation.

I welcome you and look forward to hearing from you on this blog.

Lokaah samastaah sukhino bhavantu

May all beings and all worlds be in comfort and be happy.


  1. Vevekanand Madho

    I enjoyed the above article and reminiscence.
    My relationship with Swami Veda began some five decades ago when my father (late Pandit Madho) introduced me to Pandit Usharbudh Arya in British Guiana. Long time has passed. He was then a young handsome man from Ludhiana Panjab who came to British Guiana in service of Arya Samaj. I still have a copy of the picture (black and white) which my father passed on to me, taken in Skeldon Arya Samaj. Pandit Ramlall was then a young man and remembered the picture.
    If I remember correctly Swamiji stayed at our home during the sixties to officiate at a Veda Bhagwat Yajna.
    When I visited India and Ludhiana in particular, I remembered you.
    Keep up the good work.


    Vevekanand Madho

    Yonkers New York.

  2. Very beautiful

  3. H M Suraj

    Guruji my mind is like wind and i am completely controlled by the senses . I cant meditate for 5 mins mind is so wondering it wont make me do meditation at give me some help i need u a lot i am 16 years old live in kota.

  4. Radhika Trivedi

    Pujya Swamiji,
    You are a great source of inspiration to me, your blog is a blessing to humanity, I may have not met you physically, but spiritually I speak to you everyday and look out for your posts anxiously,please bless this child of yours & keep me in your prayers inspite of all my unworthiness,loving you ever more,

  5. Jag B Mahadeo

    Namaste Guruji,

    Myself, my brothers and my sisters were initiated by you in the early 1970’s and have remained steadfast in our effort to follow your teachings in this life, in meditation, philosophy and practice. My sincere thank you for your guidance.

    With Love,

  6. Rashmi Kaura

    Such accomplishments Gurudev, and inspite of the ‘I’ your humbleness n purity comes through. Am in complete awe to have come under your and our Param Swami Rama’s tutelage. Can’t thank you enough in this janam. Deep Gratitude to the Force of this Universe.

  7. David Storey


    As one born also in 1933 but into Christianity I recognise your life as being a gift to humanity. Although I am sad to hear that you are going into silence, I trust that my sadness will be turned into joy as emanations from yourself and your source impinge upon the needs of humanity and all creation. I feel that humanity is at a crucial point in its evolution, and that we need to develop our awareness in order to live divine compassion in our lives. I look forward to following some of the signposts that you are leaving us. Yours in love and thankfulness.


    when i met you first time in delhi,realy it was so glad and full of spritually inspired, felt very calmful atmosphere around you,it would be never forgeten your shining face,which always attract me.if again got the opportunity then i am surely blessed.
    Dr.Shareef Qadri
    sufi inayat khan mem.trust
    new delhi-110013

  9. Rajendra Deo

    The author of this note read through Swami Ji’s description about himself and was astonished to note his accomplishments in different facets of life. The fact that Swami Ji is a disciple of Swami Ram made one all the more interested in Swami Ji and his work. One proposes to study the entire material available on this site. The author of this note had the privilege of meeting Swami Ram long ago soon after he left the seat of Shankaracharya and Settled on the bank of the Ganges at Veerbhadra, a place almost adjacent to Rishikesh. The author of this note was working in BHEL, Hardwar way back. Once a picnic was arranged at the same location where Swami Ram used to live. While the rest of the people were engaged in some entertainment activity, one wandered around exploring the place. At the other end of the Ashram, one came across a large number of pots with different varieties of Cactus plants. One felt intrigued and also fascinated, While Cactus varieties were being explored, one saw an impressive person with long, dark hair coming out of a small room. He introduced himself as Swami Ram. One had the privilege of being taken to his living room. During the chat, Swami Ji mentioned of his having left the seat of Shankaracharya. He also elaborated the eighty varieties of cactus that were collected by him, with their intricacies. The living room of Swami Ji was rather small. Almost the entire area of the room was filled with a large bed directly spread over the floor. The small room was full of books, some arranged on the wall sides and some lying on the bed. During the pretty long chat, Swami Ram explained the kind of work that he was doing on Yoga and indicated his keenness to seek scientific validation through research. Some 2-3 years later, one felt the urge of meeting Swami Ram again. As the place of one’s work was hardly about 25 Kms from Veerbhadra, a trip could be easily made. Unfortunately, on the particular day some Scientists from US were carrying out some research activity. The whole place was cordoned off and one had to return with out meeting Swami Ram. Later, one learnt more about Swami Ram and his work from the book LIVING WITH THE HIMALAYAN MASTERS. Due to one’s personal likage with Swami Ram and Swami Ved Bharti’s linkage with him too, a strong feeling of bond with Swami Ved Bharti was experienced. As stated earlier, one would go throgh entire material available on the website.In the meantime, one would like to express his love and warm personal regards to Swami Ved Bharti.

  10. Cheryl Petersen

    I am humbly impressed by your accomplishments. I really appreciate the fact you follow your “intuitive” knowledge.

  11. Ashok Goswami

    SwamiJee, we know you as Guru, an spiritual guide and harbinger of our aspirations. We came to you as seeker and you accepted us with open arms. My wife Anupama, my son Abhinn and my daughter Ishita are all initiates. Please bless us with your grace.
    With regards,

    Ashok goswami

  12. Swamiji;

    I am blessed to know you in this lifetime. With deepest respect, Richard

  13. Hamshira


    We feel truly blessed. You mean the world to us.

    To that benevolent Guru who is Brahma – the Creator, Vishu – the Maintainer and Siva – the Great lord through whom all things return to their origin. To that Guru who is the direct experience of Brahman, Salutations.

    (Which) pervades the entire unbroken form of the circle (of creation), moving and unmoving. To that beautiful and benevolent Guru through whom that state was revealed (to me), Salutations.

    Hari Om.

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