Be It Proposed that:

Be It Proposed that:

The methodology so far adopted in teaching the role of religion and spirituality in history be thoroughly examined by a scholarly body of those well versed in religion. Thereafter, that the teaching concerning the role of religion in history be based on the premise that, more often than not, and at the level of the common people and spiritual teachers rather than at the level of the politically powerful, religion has played an important role I helping to develop some wise, peaceful and conciliatory solutions to human problems and to the overall human quest.

In the study of comparative religion and of specific theologies teaches often do not take into account what the particular beliefs and practices of religions actually mean to the followers of a given religion. This is especially true of the way Eastern religions, their belief systems, practices, and historical developments, are explained and interpreted in theological and academic institutions and other podiums in Western countries. It is therefore proposed that all teaching concerning a religion should primarily be imparted by learned and qualified followers of that religion. This is the only way that the followers of various religions will understand each other’s point of view. Through the mutual understanding generated by adopting this course the various religions will become effective instruments of peace.

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  1. Vonda Vaden Bates

    Thank you for this wise call for religious respect. Your choice words bring to mind the ‘essence of’ and ‘fruit that ripens from’ direct experience. It is wonderful when we try to understand different perspectives, yet a missed opportunity when we assume to speak another’s journey. Your post directs this Vv’s attention to choose intrigue over assumption when relating and teaching. Lovingly appreciating your wisdom, Vv

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