Cause of Consciousness

Cause of Consciousness

In some cases, right at the time of the first initiation, the preceptor may assign different syllables or part syllables of the mantra to the different centres of consciousness. For example, if an initiate is given the mantra ‘Namah Shivaya’, she/he may be tempted to place the mantra to facilitate remembrance at five of the centres as follows:


Exhaling Descending Inhaling






Navel mah throat
shi Heart shi


va Throat va


ya Eyebrows ya


 It is not as staccato-like as it seems. The breath unifies the syllables and connects the chakras.

In most cases, however, after the mantra has been assimilated for some months or years, a specific centre of consciousness may be assigned to the initiate in which certain energy patterns and forces are visualized in a methodical manner. Or the path of kundalini may be introduced when the initiate’s consciousness is ready for it. Many people nowadays prefer the arousal of the kundalini, but without the mantra and proper guidance for concentration, it could even prove harmful to one’s physical and mental well-being. This is so because it is the manifestation of sound as the mantra that helps to regulate the energy flow.

There are many different ways of refining the mantra in the mind. These are taught depending on the initiate’s commitment which helps him to progress and a contact is maintained between the initiate and the preceptor.

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