Initiation on the Level of Mind

Initiation on the Level of Mind

In addition to affecting us on the physical and energetic  levels, initiation affects our mind through the mantra. The mantra given at initiation can lead us towards inner peace. Here’s how. Our minds are usually filled with random thoughts – some painful, some pleasant. If we focus on painful thoughts, we feel pain. If we shift our focus to pleasant thoughts, we fell pleased. Thus, by selectively attending to painful or pleasant thoughts, we cause ourselves to fell pain or pleasure.

Yoga takes this logic and extends it a step further. By concentrating on the peaceful mantra thought, we calm our minds and hearts to attain a state of serenity that is beyond pain or pleasure. Mantras are said to be pure sounds that evoke special qualities in our minds. Different mantras, like different musical sounds, affect us differently. The mantra given at initiation is selected to provide that something which the initiate needs.

When that mantra is repeated over and over by the initiate during meditation and throughout the day, the mind gets affected. The impact of rock’n roll music will be very different from that of listening to soft music. So too is the case with the mantra. The mantra is like a key; a key to the centre of our being. We turn that key by constant repetition of the mantra.

There is a second mental effect of initiation. To travel on the spiritual path, it is important to sharpen our ability of ourselves. Sharpening our ability means refining that part of our mind which makes discriminations an is called buddhi  in Sanskrit. Meditation upon our initiation mantra refines buddhi by enhancing our ability to witness undisturbed all that what happens around us. Over time, we enhance our ability to observe our usual patterns of thinking and distinguish our projection from reality. Thus, initiation affects our mind in a very beneficial manner.

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