Keeping Your Mantra a Secret

Keeping Your Mantra a Secret

After a mantra is received, it should be kept a secret before you practice, practice and practice. There are many progressively defined steps involved in the mental practice of a mantra, and these are taught gradually. The secrecy you observe is a form of mauna, a practice of silence. The mantra is a for internal absorption only. If it is spoken aloud, it loses its power. The mantra is to be kept within the mind. Hold it close to your bosom, close to your mind. Let is become your quiet friend when walking, or about to fall asleep, or waking up, or in the bathroom, or in the arms of your lover. That mantra becomes the very essence of your mind. Sometimes you may be conscious of it; sometimes not.

It is the duty of the initiator, the teacher, the preceptor, to lead you on, to give you the next step when you are ready. Initiation or guidance will eventually reach the inner light, the chakras and centres of consciousness, or the kundalini, when the student is ready.

The student is urged to remain in contact. The contact need not be maintained through letters, fax or e-mail, but by sitting in meditation at a fixed time daily. You will feel a very subtle and intangible connection establish. At times what happens is that when an initiator gives a mantra, the initiate continues to remain in contact for a few years and then becomes lost in life’s waves and currents. A decade or so later, he feels the urge to reconnect with the teacher. He may send a letter or say, “You must have forgotten me, but my mantra has never left me.” The mantra constitutes the seed from which your spirituality grows.

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