Meditation Time

Meditation Time

Having a fixed time for meditation is the secret of success. One fixed time is a better of sankalpa, determination. In addition to a fixed meditation time, tune your mind to the mantra each day whenever you can and no matter where you are for a few minutes. On the other hand, allowance is made in the texts that say, “Mumukshunam sada kalah, strinam kalascha sarvada” for women also, there is no such rule. So there is ample freedom. This does not mean abiding by a fixed meditation time; you must stick to meditation at any cost. A certain level of japa should go on in the mind, no matter what one is doing.


  1. Indu Arora

    Thank you for the inspiration Swamiji. May each breath of mine be not just inhalation but an inspiration (practice/ Abhyasa) and may each exhalation be an expiration (Vairagya/ letting go).

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