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"My Guru - Shri Swami Rama of the Himalayas"

Shri Swami Rama of the Himalayas

Shri Swami Rama of the Himalayas

Hiranya-garbhad arabdham sesha-vyasadi-madhyamam
Swami-sri-rama-padantam vande guru-paramparam.

Originating from the Golden Womb (of light, the guru-spirit) and (flowing) down through the medium of gurus like Sesha (Patanjali) Vyasa and the rest, ending at the feet of Shri Swami Rama, that (unbroken stream of) succession, I worship.


Shri Swami Rama of the Himalayas was born in 1925 in northern India.  He was raised by his spiritual master Bengali Baba in the legendary mountain caves where countless generations of yogis have been trained and initiated into the deepest mysteries of the scared science of yoga.

The founder of Sadhana Mandir, Swami Rama, was self-realized Master.  A monk in the Shankaracharya Order, he held its highest position from 1949 to 1952, which he renounced to continue to serve the Himalayan Tradition.

Through his life and teachings, Swami Rama sought to combine the ancient teachings of the East with the modern approaches of the West. He contributed to the improvement-both materially and spiritually-of the lives of millions of people all over the world.

In 1969, Swami Rama created the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy in Kanpur-India, and soon thereafter a beautiful Ashram on the banks of the Ganges in Rrishikesh-India. The Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy in the United States was also founded by Swami Rama in Honesdale, Pennsylvania to connect Eastern and Western traditions of spirituality. In Dehradun, India he is revered for his founding of the Himalayan Institute of Medical Science, a hospital, a University and nursing school. The first of its kind, it combines the best of modern Western medicine and the time-tested wisdom of the yoga and meditation and traditional methods of Ayurvedic medicine.

He was a philosopher and writer.  “Living with the Himalayan Masters” is one of the best known books authored by him.  He was also a poet, a scientist who in 1970 offered himself for experiments at the Menninger Foundation in the USA, demonstrating the control of the autonomic system that a yogi can master. He was an expert in homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicine, an architect and musician. In essence, he was a Master of the art of life.

In 1996, this fully enlightened Master and representative of the ancient lineage of yogis left his body. His memorial today is in the hearts of his disciples and students who carry his work.  He is most remembered for his great love for all and the magnetic power of his spirit, such that as he walked, one felt pulled to follow behind him. The full impact of his legacy will be realized perhaps in a century.


  1. Dev Kar

    Gurur Bhrama, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Maheswara
    Gurur Shakshak Param Bramha
    Tasmay Shree Guravay Namaha!

    I pray to Guruji and to our Lineage in the Himalayan Tradition which shines brighter than a thousand suns!

  2. Rashmi

    Schweta, thats a very truly expressive blog; thank you for expressing our deepest gratitude on behalf of all the shishyaas. Salutations to this great lineage.

  3. Shweta Chaudhary

    Baba, I had “My God” in front of me and I didn’t pay attention. You transformed my life without ever talking to me, not even one word. I hope I progress on the path and attain freedom from this cycle of birth and death. I wrote this when I got initiated into the tradition.

    Baba,Your auspicious place in my heart.

    I thought I had many desires to fulfill,
    You gave me a single aim to achieve.
    I thought I had many relatives and people around for help,
    You told me only one can guide me.
    I thought I was very emotional
    You stated the hollowness of my emotions
    Earlier dreams where the food for thought
    Now a single thought is food for life
    I always thought I was a drop of water
    You made me realize, I am one with the ocean.
    People pray to God and may get what they need
    But I never ever prayed for you, before You gave me everything I needed.

  4. Octavio Po

    Good morning. How can I contact a Real Master/Guru? I think it is not easy, specially here where I live(Portugal). And why? Because is almost impossible find someone that could really initiate a person in High Teachings about Spirituality, Yoga and Dharma. I try but…is always the same: bla, bla and bla, bla about christianity with various branches or catholics or protestants. Tell me: I am not prepared? I am yet a child? It is an Old Karma? Thank You. Om Shanti. P.S.:I know that I have some bad habits, like eat meat and smoke

  5. Hamshira


    Thank you for holding my hands and guiding me tirelessly. I experience you every single day of my life.

    Love you always

  6. Radhika Trivedi

    Pranaams to all you blessed souls!!

    How fortunate you all are…..yes I have felt blessings of Swami Rama by reading his books, and got to know of Tarkeshwar shrine in Lansdowne. My family and I were protected when I got to visit that shrine. I also hope to meet Swami Veda this April. I have immense faults, which God & these sages know, yet I have blessed me because of their immense karuna….I weep when I think how small Iam and how kind they all are. Jai !!

  7. Radhika Trivedi

    Pranaams to all you blessed souls!! How fortunate you all are…..yes I have felt blessings of Swami Rama by reading his books, and got to know of Tarkeshwar shrine in Lansdowne. My family and I were protected when I got to visit that shrine. I also hope to meet Swami Veda this April. I have immense faults, which God & these sages know, yet I they have blessed me because of their immense karuna….I weep when I think how small Iam and how kind they all are. Jai !!

  8. Shishir Mittal

    गुरु वंदना

    हे अनादि अनंत गुरुवर, आदि शंकर रूप नाम
    ज्ञानधन तपपुण्यवाहन, हे तपोनिधि शत प्रणाम!

    तुम कृपा करुणा के सागर, तुम बृहस्पति तुमहि* व्यास
    मोहपाश विनाश हेतो**, चित्प्रकाशित चिदाकाश!

    पत्र मैं नक्षत्र मैं तुम कल्पद्रुम द्यूलोक तुम,
    बूँद मैं तुम क्षीरसागर, धूलि मैं त्रैलोक तुम!

    भूतभावन, वृषभवाहन चन्द्रचूड़ शिवम् प्रभो,
    दिव्यशंकर रूप शम्भो, वेदवन्द्य गुरुं विभो!

    प्रणव-रव आनंदकारी, देहधारी आत्मराम
    कर्म-शुभ-मकरंद-शोभित, गुरुचरण मेरो प्रणाम!

    मेरो प्रणाम!

    * शुद्ध रूप- तुम ही (छंद में उच्चारण के अनुसार लिखा है )
    ** शुद्ध रूप- हेतु (छंद में उच्चारण के अनुसार लिखा है )

  9. Rashmi Kaura

    Guru meri Puja, Guru Gobind,
    Guru mera Raag rang, Guru Anand.
    Guru mera Gyan hai, Guru mera Dhyan hai,
    Guru mera Bhagya hai, Guru Bhagwan hai;
    Guru mera Tirth hai, Guru mera Dham hai,
    Guru mera Omkaar, Guru mera Naam hai.

  10. Ashok Goswami

    We as family are all initiates by Swami Veda Bharati and feel blessed to be part of Himalyan tradition. Though we have not seen Swami Rama in person but never ever a moment passes without his presence around us. We feel protected, guided and under his grace all the time. We sincerely feel our life would have been a waste but for this union and blessings which are coming through Swami Vedas. Swami Veda is trying to instill in us self reliance, eternal faith in the traditions and dispensity to be in physical touch or presence. His collective meditation world wide at appointed time is a great source of connection with the tradition.

    With regards,

    Ashok Goswami/Anupama Goswami/Abhinn goswamiIshita goswami

  11. Heather Morton

    Although I never had the chance to meet Swami Rama, I have been with Swami Veda who is kind, loving and sincere. Having also travelled to the ashram in Rishikesh for a silent retreat there is indeed a strong presence of Swami Rama. He is understood as having said that he would be more effective after leaving his physical body. While at the ashram I had the chance to hear many “stories” about Swami Rama. And it is true that such a person is very rare. Jai Ma…

    ~ Heather
    The Yoga Way

  12. Deepa Hegde

    Am a great devotee of Swami Rama. Would like to see him once as I strongly believe he is ever present for his sincere seekers. I saw him in dreams but that’s not sufficient.

    Through this message I thank Anna(my brother)for introducing me to Swamiji when I desperately needed help.

    I hope somebody will read this and help me to reach the goal.

    • Makendra

      You’ve hit the ball out the park! Irncedible!

    • raghavebdra adiga

      I am Raghavendra Adiga, a disciplle of swami Rama. Teach yoga and meditation in the Himalayan tradition as taught by swami rama and swami veda bBaharathi. I live in Tumkur, Karnataka.please do let me know if I can serve you.

      • Tushar Dabhole

        I’ve read Swami Rama’s book and it has given a lot of inspiration in my life.Hearing Swami Rama’s story I feel so much happy. I couldn’t meet such a great personality in my life but I am happy to read about him.I have the utmost respect for him and always think of him. I wish I had got a Guru like him. I am very much eager to go deep in spirituality by learning his teachings.Hope you could help me.

        Thank you

      • i am sameer

        sir i want to be iniciated in swami rama order please can u help me?
        i desperalty want to join the tradition of swami rama
        help me sir.
        and i have desier to dedicate rest of my life copltly for sadhana sof nothing else.
        please help me sir

      • sir i am very exited after hearing about u r message. Give me ur contact number and give me bit more information about u.
        thank u sir


      • Rajesh P

        Iam Rajesh,interested in yoga Iam staying at chitradurga.Can you teach me?

      • pranabendu raychaudhuri

        Where can I purchase the following DVD’s?

        Four lectures by Swami Rama on Saundaryalahari, the Wave of
        Beauty, which is a prominent text of Sri Vidya Kundalini Tantra Yoga.
        The wave of creativity, love and bliss of Shakti is one and the same
        with Shiva. The lectures contain practical advice on advanced
        meditation practices of Yoga, Vedanta, and Tantra. The 6 hours of
        talks have been divided into 41 parts of 10 minutes or less.

        Pranabendu Raychaudhuri

  13. Jaivanti Devi

    I first met Swami Rama in 1970, Minneapolis, when I was 19 and knew very little about yoga. As he was leaving he stopped and looked deep into my eyes and patted my shoulder. I felt as though I’d had an electric shock and was discombobulated for several days. This terrified me as I had no idea what happened. Several years later, I studied with a yoga teacher who turned out to be a disciple of his. He began appearing to me, and I ended up visiting him in Honesdale 1989, where he granted a meeting. He crooned to me like I was his baby. He brought up that he’d given me an “experience” in 1970 and then gave me another one. This time I knew more and embraced it. He told me some surprising things about himself. He asked about my Dad who is a staunch Roman Catholic. He said to tell my Dad he loved him, and then tapped the top of my head sharply.

    I moved to Calif. Over the years I had various dreams and experiences with him appearing to me and giving me messages. I still have the occasional mystical dream of him. In 1996 I was in Rishikesh with a group. There was a photo of Swamiji in the lobby of my hotel. I found out from a clerk that he was in DeraDun. A few years earlier I had expressed a desire that I be blessed to meet him one more time. A Docto rfrom his hospital joined our group just for that day “coincidentally,” she was a friend of one of the group. I told her about my experiences, and she called Swami Rama. Although he was not seeing people at that time, he said I should come and bring my friends.

    He had sweets prepared and met with all of us. He was very thin but so elegant in his red robes. He charmed everyone, he joked, asked many questions. I knew he was granting me my wish and I was overcome by the sublime grace of this guru who made this all happen. I hung back when everyone was leaving and when we were alone, asked if I could touch his feet. He agreed, and he blessed me. He was very close to my guru, Sant Keshavadas, and asked me to convey his love to him; we were going to see him the following day in Bangalore. My guru asked me to describe my meeting with Swamiji, over and over, and each time put his hand over his heart. Later that year Swamiji took his mahasamadhi. A year later, so did my guru. I have been very blessed to have had these two gurus in my life. I’ve heard about Swami Veda many times from friends in Minneapolis and hope I will meet him too.

    • Sadhana Mishra

      Meeting Swami Veda is also an experience in itself. After all His Master is none other than Swami Rama. Swami Rama shines through him in a physical form. I wish you are able to Swami Veda some day. I will pray for that. Love.

  14. Eve Konstantine

    Please guide, love and bless your spiritual daughter, Aleca – now and always.
    With love and gratitude,

  15. My greatest regret is that I did not get darshan of Swami Rama . I try to read all that i can get, about him.that i understand. I also try to read his teachings, which are much more difficult to understand .

  16. Hamshira

    Swami Rama is the MASTER. Though never met him when he was in his body but always feel his presence.

    I experience him every day. He guides me, leads me and helps me in my journey of Self Transformation.

    He protects me, he takes care of me, he nurtures me and he holds me.

    My Salutations to the Great Master.

    • Ashok

      I more interested to hear about Swami…Please tell me more about him..I’m from Kerala,How can I visit that place.. please inform.


      • Sadhana Mishra

        Dear Ashok…I am so sorry that I read this message today.. Sharing with you one of Swami Rama’s experiences.. quote”In my own life, since I was a small child I was raised and guided by my master. I had done all that he asked of me. Grace had not come and I grew frustrated. So one day I went to my master and said, “You have not done shaktipata for me. That means either you don’t have shakti or you don’t intend to do it.”
        I told him, “For so long now I have been closing my eyes in meditation and I end up with nothing but a headache. My time has been wasted and I find little joy in life.”
        He didn’t say anything, so in my exasperation I continued talking.
        “I worked hard and sincerely,” I said to him. “You said it would take fourteen years, but this is my seventeenth year of practice. Whatever you have asked me to do I have done. But today you give me shaktipata or I will commit suicide.”
        Finally he said to me, “Are you sure? Are you really following all the practices I have taught you? Is this the fruit of my teaching, that you are committing suicide?”
        Then he waited a moment and said, “When do you want to commit suicide?”
        “Right now,” I said. “I am talking to you before I commit suicide. You are no longer my master now. I have given up everything. I am of no use to the world, I am of no use to you.”
        I got up to go to the Ganges, which was near, and was prepared to drown myself.
        My master said, “You know how to swim, so when you jump in the Ganges, naturally you will start swimming. You’d better find some way so that you will start drowning and not come up. Perhaps you should tie some weight to yourself.”
        “What has happened to you?” I asked him. “You used to love me so much.”
        I went to the Ganges and with a rope I tied some big rocks to myself. When I was ready to jump, my master came and called, “Wait. Sit here for one minute. I will give you what you want.”
        I did not know if he meant it, but I thought I could wait at least a minute. I sat in my meditation posture and my master came and touched me on the forehead. I remained in that position for nine hours and did not have a single worldly thought. The experience was indescribable. When I returned to normal consciousness I thought no time had passed.
        “Sir,” I said to my master, “please forgive me.”
        With that touch my life was transformed. I lost fear and selfishness. I started understanding life properly. I wondered if this experience came about because of my effort or my master’s.
        His answer was simply, “Grace.”
        “A human being,” he explained, “should make all possible sincere efforts. When he has become exhausted and cries out in despair, in the highest state of devotional emotion, he will attain ecstasy. That is the grace of God. Grace is the fruit that you receive from your faithful and sincere efforts.” unquote

        To know more about Swami Rama you can write to

        • Dev Kar

          The day I met Sri Swami Rama was the luckiest day of my life and the day I got initiated by him changed my life forever. Guruji initiated me in the Sri Vidya tradition. I have had the good fortune to meet and converse with Guruji over several days spread out over a period of almost 10 years. He is now guiding me through Pandit Rajmani Trigunait, who is leading the Himalayan Institute at Honesdale, Pa. I have experienced Swamiji’s miracles in my own life. His every word to me ring in ear even today. For me, Guruji was a living and talking Shiva on earth. Om Guravey Namaha!

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