Phase Three: Deepening the Mantra

Phase Three: Deepening the Mantra

Now, as to deepening the mantra, please understand what the mind is. At present you associate the word ‘mind’ only with the instrument of active thought. But the mind is not just one layer. It has many, many layers vibrating at different frequencies; thus the force-field called the ‘mind’ becomes subtler and subtler and subtler at deeper is that the mind articulates.

The common impression is that the mind articulates thoughts; however, that is not even the shallowest surface of the mind, only just a few waves of the sea hitting the beach. For a child playing on the beach, the waves hitting the beach are all he knows of the ocean. Similarly, our association with the mind’s ocean. Similarly, our association with the mind’s ocean is limited to these noisy waves of articulate thoughts. But the depth of the ocean is much greater. The Mariana Trench (near the Philippines) is the deeper part of the sear at a depth of 35,000 feet. If you dropped Mt. Everest there, its peak would be 6,000 feet under water. From the beach to that deeper part is quite a journey and a very deep dive.

At each subsequent level of the sea, drivers know there are thermoclines – layers of water at a certain temperature, just above or below another layer of a very different temperature. As one dives deeper into the boundary line between the thermoclines, suddenly half of one’s body is in  a colder temperature and half in a warmer one.

So is the case when diving in the mind’s ocean. At these deeper layers of the mind, the frequency of the vibration incrementally becomes higher and higher. A thought or word put into that layer vibrates at the frequency of that layer of the mind. When you dive to a deeper, higher layer of the mind, the mantra automatically is of a higher frequency. Continue to observe the level at which you find yourself and penetrate beyond that to the next layer of depth.

At all stages of meditation, observation of the state you are in is a very powerful secret – become aware of that layer of the mind, of that state. Right now you are awake; but you are not aware that you are awake. When dreaming you are not aware that you are asleep. With awareness, these states lead towards Divine Consciousness.

Here we should again recite the mantra, remember the mantra and listen to the mantra. At each of these stages, other thoughts and images seem to come simultaneously alongside the mantra. While observing the mind very closely, I found two distinct phenomena:

  • In one, the mantra and the other thoughts appear to be active simultaneously, when in reality they are actually intermittent and alternating. “ Mantra; my flight time; mantra; listen to the neighbour’s lawnmower; mantra; there is too much noise around here.” But because the mind moves fast, we do not realize that these are intermittent and alternating. The solution is to close the gap between the breaths, and make a resolve to close the gap between mantra, mantra, mantra and mantra. One may make a resolve that for the next one minute, one will not permit any other thought but one’s mantra to enter.


Try it. Right now, for one minute; just sit, relax the body, let the breath settle down, and resolve that for the next one minute there will be no thought other than for the next one minute there will be no thought other than your mantra. Begin now. After one minute and keeping the mantra in the mind, gently open your eyes.


In this way, you train the mind one minute at a time. In that one minute you can obtain 10 minutes of meditation if the concentration is intense and deep. It is long meditation that is required; what is needed is intense and deep meditation. Close the gap between the breaths and eliminate the pause between the mantras using one minute resolves at a time.


  • The second phenomenon that I have observed is that the mantra and other thoughts work simultaneously. Thinking is happening at one layer of the mind while the mantra is pulsating at another. At the level of the surface, waves are hitting the beach, creating sound, but 10 feet below, it is absolutely silent. You have to shift your attention from the surface to this deeper layer. Apply the principle of observation and when you have observed the deeper layer, the waves on the surface will not end but gradually cease to matter.

At any new level, people come across unprecedented disturbances. When thoughts cease, images arise. When images cease (if you manage to overcome that phase), certain sentiments and emotions arise. Some people begin to cry; some feel like laughing; some feel angry; some become afraid; some feel sexually aroused. For each of these sentiments that arise, you need to seek the preceptor’s advice because then you are at a point where you are likely to go in the wrong direction. At this stage, a lot of people say, “At this point I become frightened and come out of meditation.” There are answers to these questions and a self-trained preceptor can guide you through these stages.

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