Progression in Purification

Progression in Purification

The mantra is for penetrating through the veils and curtains of samskaras, for countering the existing samskaras, and for preventing the formation of new, undesirable samskaras.

Samskaras are impressions of our past actions stored in the unconscious mind.

Or, in the language of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, to prevent the klishta vritis (afflicted vrittis) from arising, and to develop and maintain one single aklishta vritti (unafflicted vritti), so that shuddhi, buddhi, siddhi and mukti may occur.

Shuddhi is purification; buddhi, awakening of pure and sattvic awareness; siddhi, fulfillment of the purpose of japa and mukti is freedom.

We have to penetrate through the curtain of samkaras, the five koshas or sheaths of the body, prana, mind, knowledge and bliss; through the three bodies – gross, subtle, causal; to the interior-most part of the buddhi beyond which the mantra does not reach and at which point the mantra is dropped.

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    Dhanya ho Swamiji,
    You taught us till the end. Prabhuji give me the wisdom to live up to your disciplines, training and knowledge.
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