Mutually contradictory or ‘impossible’ statements are used by numerous meditative traditions as passages for contemplation. The purpose is to take the mind beyond common logic, and bring opposite concepts to  a unification in transcendence. One may be required to unravel the riddle till a spiritual breakthrough and transformation of consciousness has occurred. This is again true of all contemplative systems.


How does spiritually reconcile the opposite statements:

“There is a God. “There is no God.”
“There is a Self.” There is no Self.”

How does one begin to understand Kabir when he sings of:

The ant that carries away an elephant,
or the Koan,
The shore (or the bridge) flowed,
The river stood still.

Sometimes I went to my Master with a simple question about practical matters, asking:

“Should I do it this way, or that way?”

And his reply would come in a deep voice arising out of the heart:

Yeeeessss, indeeeed.”

I was meant to unravel such a reply.
What is the meaning of Jesus saying:

“Before Abraham was, I am.”

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