Source of Mantras

Source of Mantras

Mantras are units of sound contained in a combination of syllabus or words. The universe is composed of energy which contains two beams – sound and light. One does not get activated without the other, especially in the inner spiritual space. The sound units that are called mantras are not the ones that are passed on from ear to ear; that is their only physical manifestation.

In the highest state of mediation, one’s spiritual self is totally one with the Divine who, being omniscient, is the source of all knowledge. The ancient Indian philosophers of language called it shabda_Brahman, the word that is God. Divine knowledge is available for the spiritual self to tap into.

In its trans-revelatory state, such knowledge is referred to as para, the transcendental speech.

As knowledge in the form of speechless speech and the wordless word flows into the individual spiritual self, it is called pashyati, the Seeing One.

From here a ray of consciousness emanates and touches the mind’s interior that faces the self and not the senses and the world. This interior surface is callantahkarna, the intuitive faculty. Here the ray of consciousness, flowing through and from the spiritual self, produces a mental vibration. The mind is stirred with awareness like that of a flash of lighting. Then, in a micro moment, which could be a subtle as 10 part of a second, the entire book of the Vedas or all the 330 million mantras may be revealed. The experience is like a seed (bija) or a single dot (bindu) containing the details of a vast area taken from a satellite. The point has yet to be developed for the picture to manifest itself in details. It has been described as the colours of the peacock’s fan contained within the peahen’s egg. This state is called madhyama,  the middle speech.

As the knowledge rises from the depth of buddhi to the outward surface of the rational mind, it takes on the form of verbal thought. Words are nothing but a process of manifestation, a vibration of a lower frequency than the proceeding ones. This verbal thought in the mind is named by ancient grammarians and philosphers as vaikahari, a divergent and harsh sound. This is only the first stage of vaikhari.

Now this vibration from the buddhi, mind and the relatively low frequency verbal thought crates a quickening in the  yogi’s vitality field, prana, which then activates the speech organs to articulate sound as words – the final product that the disciple’s ear hear in the process of transmission, initiation and teaching.

Thus, what people called the ‘revealed word’ is actually the veiled by layers of an individual’s mind. The true unveiling occurs only in the highest meditation which is a wordless dialogue or interchange between God and one’s soul. It is as though someone is in the innermost room of a cave that is a treasure house of light and as he comes out, he unravels a ball of thread. When emerging from the cave, he hands the other end of the thread into the cave until the seeker of treasure reaches the internal golden womb, hiranyagarbha, the first and the last guru. The disciple, on receiving the sound of the mantra, uses it to gradually reach the various station in the cave until the womb-chamber of pure consciousness is reached.

Different sound units have different effects on the mind-field and upon the prana-field. Therefore, they have different effects on different psycho-physiological systems within you. For this reason, to trigger a state of consciousness, one must take hold of the corresponding sound unit of a particular mantra. Then over years of practice, a student tries to trace that sound unit to its original vibration in the prana and from there into the mind. In the process, the mantra alters our samskars, our mind states, freeing those areas which are blocked in the prana and in the physical centres.


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  2. Sheela

    I’m so glad to read this post that Swamiji put on line today itself!
    Since my initiation last November, i have felt connected (as much as some initiate like me can be!), but recently am feeling that the currents of life are like, ‘slowly fading away the strength of the connection’. I try to hang on to it and try to re”energize” it daily…but…

    This post comes “à point nommé” as the French say!
    I hope to find ways to reinforce the connection again by reading the posts on this site, that incidentally i discovered instantly… i take it as a sign

    Namasté Swamiji: i thank you

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