Swamiji Resting in peace

Swami Ji – Resting in Peace
Swami Ji – Resting in Peace
Swami Ji – Resting in Peace


  1. Dr.Krishna

    BEloved Respected Swamiji,
    I saw my father and GURUDEV in you after GURUDEV left this world. Till today I regret not spending much time in Gurudev,s Presence which I tried my best to make up being in your Divine Presence.Though we first met you in 1993 after GURUDEV,s Mahasamadhi we have been running to you for guidance and YOU have always been there. Our family is indebted to you and you will live in our hearts for ever.

  2. Dr.Krishna

    Respected Beloved Swamiji,
    I saw my father and Gurudev in you.Till today I regret not spending much time with GURUDEV and I tried my best to make it up being in YOUR PRESENCE.
    You will always live in the hearts of me and my family whom YOU have guided after GURUDEV,s Mahasamadhi.

  3. Subhash Tiwari Persaud

    I was christened by Swamiji in 1958 at a place called Wash Clothes, Mahaicony Creek in Guyana and have followed his teachings throughout my life time. He was my Guruji and because of his teachings, my life has greatly been influenced in a positive direction. His departure from this world has left a void in our lives but the memories will live on in our hearts forever. Guruji was a great soul and because of his universal influence, our world has been a better and more peaceful place. Rest in Peace Guruji. We love You.

  4. Vevekanand Madho

    a great soul has passed

    Vevekanand Madho
    New York.
    September 22, 2015

  5. Vevekanand Madho

    A great soul has passed. Our world will be poorer with his absence.
    But he will live eternally in our hearts.


  6. Swamiji has been laid to rest in a glass casket and his disciples too are buried alive in a similar casket. All the comments are illustrative of the minds which have lost reason. The dead is dead, howsoever one may write poems to make him felt – it is bloody attachment playing its tune. Forget the dead man, he will be born again in some other name and profession. Sannyasi is an escapist actor and that is why he wants disciples. The real recluse shall be anonymous. Of course for anything and everything justifications can be articulated as we are a species intellectually resourceful…

    • In Service.

      “It is possible to live perfectly on earth if one is able to work and love – to work for what one loves and to love what one is working at” – Swami Rama of the Himalayas


    We all will miss you Swamiji .However ,now we will feel your presence more and more as Swami Ramkrishan Said to swami Vivekananda-“Sri Ramakrishna said to him: “Today I have given you my all and I am now only a poor fakir, possessing nothing. By this power you will do immense good in the world, and not until it is accomplished will you return.” Henceforth the Master lived in the disciple.”

    Swami Veda Bharti -Amar hain!

    Prof.(Dr. Arun Raghuwanshi, International Yoga Master
    Bhopal (M.P.) INDIA

  8. Gabriele Sach

    Ruhe in Frieden Swamiji,

    ich fühle mich glücklich, dich kennengelernt haben zu dürfen. Ich fühle mich jetzt etwas verloren, aber ich weiß dass dein Geist weiter unter uns weilen wird. Du der große Wissende, der uns hat teilhaben lassen. Danke für die Spuren, die du in mir hinterlassen hast.

    In ewiger Stille


    English Version
    Rest in peace Swamiji,
    I feel happy to have met you. Now I feel a little lost, but I know that your mind will continue to be with us. You the great Knower, the us has to share. Thanks for the tracks that you left in me.

    In eternal silence


  9. Rashmi

    An incidence : i met a Korean student of the Ashram, and today her words are ringing in my ears : ” But of course Swamiji is our father and he knows everything about us, even if we are not in touch with him”.

  10. Rashmi

    Pujya Gurudev,
    It is very difficult to say adios, for now we feel your greatness and presence ever more. Indeed you touched our lives in a deep significant way, leaving an indelible mark, showing us the path. Now it is for us to follow your principals of deepening the practice. Such few words, and so much accomplished.
    Thanking you deeply for sparking my life, and offering you my deepest prayers, forever and more.

  11. Vikas

    Hearts saddened! Eyes moist! Though not confined by his physical self now, our most revered Swamiji will never be away from his disciples and students.

    His mere presence evoked spirituality in others. He leaves the seeds of spirituality in the hearts he touched with his gentleness…. and moves on …

  12. Gulshan Bijlani

    Rest in Peace Swami Ved Bharti!

  13. Satie Narain-Simon

    My dearest Swami Gi, my spiritual grandfather, I love you, I am feeling so lost at the moment but I am grateful for all the precious moments I spent with you over so many years. You have been in our Guyanese family for five generations. Our hearts are aching but we are blessed and thankful. I will always connect to you my loving grand father….Thank you – I will never forget all the special moments in Rishikesh with you – forever, Satyabhama (Satie) Narain and family in Toronto, Canada.

  14. Marie Noelle Grell

    Dear Swamiji, we will never forget you, we had the great chance to meet you in Burkina Faso and in the Ashram. Be sure we will continue the Tradition. Practice, practice, practice.

    With love and respect

  15. Amrit Pal

    Respected Swamiji,
    A great and noble soul.
    With Best regards

  16. cristina


  17. Jyan Nath

    A great Soul has taken his leave.

    The news came as a great shock to me. Just a few days ago I had seen his picture in the Newsletter and thought of calling him.

    Swami ji has left us a very valuable legacy. We can honour him by remembering him and practicing his teachings sincerely.

    May his Soul rest in Peace.

  18. Maitrie Ramsundersingh

    Rest in peace Swamiji !

  19. Martina Schmitz

    Dear Swamiji, with best regards. Rest in peace

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