The Himalayan Tradition

The Backdrop
Human mind has always searched the Truth- the true meaning of life and the universe in which we live. The most ancient of this search and understanding is that of the Himalayan Tradition. It dates back to over 15,000 years in the region of the Indo-Gangetic Plains hemmed by the Himalaya mountain ranges. The Himalayas became the refuge and the muse of several thousand seers, monksand renunciates who deeply inquired and intensely practiced the path of Truth. This ancient wisdom was passed down verbally for several thousand years before being recorded about 3500 years ago. This collective wisdom is known as the Vedas which simply means “knowledge”.




The Essence
The fundamental Truth of all enquiry is- “I am Consciousness, so are you”! We are each and all, the same Consciousness called Brahman, Shiva, God, Self, or simply, Pure Potential. This Consciousness is eternal, hence It is never born or dies. It is changeless and never transforms, withers or decays. Hence It is known as the Truth. By a spur in this Consciousness, the process of creation is initiated. This creative Spur is also called the Shakti, the Devi, the Goddess, the Female Energy etc. This creation or the Universe, is permeated completely by the Pure Consciousness. At the same It is also distinct from the Universe. The material Universe is therefore “born” and it also “dies”. This Universe is ever changing and is never constant. Hence, this Universe is also referred as Maya or the Great Illusion. Modern Quantum Physics now proves that there is nothing “material” in the Universe, only energy at different levels of density and transformation.




The Outlook
The basic awareness of the Self or Consciousness or Divinity has to be developed in oneself and in all around us. The awareness that “God lives in me, as me” is an important practice till it becomes our natural state of being. Breath awareness helps in this process. Repetition of special sound syllables known as mantras help in silencing the mind and deepening the awareness. With practice, the mind, breath and the mantra flows as a rhythmic unified stream, like a song of fragrance dancing on a gentle breeze. A deep inner peace and tranquility gives rise to a perennial fountain of joy and well-being. In this in-journey, one becomes still in the Self. Such a inner joy and peace then brings joy and peace in the world around, by induction or like a ripple in a lake.





The Path and Practice
The Consciousness which is outwardly tuned, accepts the world as real and identifies Itself with the human body with a name and social identity. Human beings are thus an expression of this Consciousness, dreaming on the cul-de-sac of material universe. To awaken this Self and unite the dream with the Dreamer, is the Path of Yoga. (Yoga means to yoke, to unite). The Himalayan Tradition is based on both practice and inner awareness. The Gita refers to it as the path of abhyasa (practice) and vairagya (conscious disengagement of the mind from the conditioned habit of knowing the material world as real). Of the many Himalayan Masters that have given us a wealth of rich heritage, Maharishi Patanjali stands out as an angel who simplified the complex body of knowledge and practice for a common man and seeker of Truth. His notes are still preserved as the Yoga Sutras – The Simple Threads of Yoga. In this work, Yoga is expressed in a simple way as an eight-limbed path. Based on a deep understanding of human psychology and behavior, it is truly the easiest way to the Truth. The application of the Yoga Sutras can be self-learned with a help of a teacher. A suitable mantra initiation could be received from a qualified initiator of the tradition. And the practice of Self awareness through breath awareness can be deepened with sincere efforts and intention. Enlightenment is the right of each of us human beings. Let us live our lives, enlightened.

The Lineage
Innumerable jewels of seers have adorned the lineage thread of The Himalayan Tradition.  Beginning with Hiranyagarbham leading on to Sanata Kumara, Vashishtha, Dattatreyei, Parashuram, Patanjali and Vyas, this thread weaves through Adi Shankkaracharya, Vidyaranya Yati and Madhu Sudhan Saraswati.  In modern times, this thread was illuminated and carried forward, amongst others, Swami Rama Bharati.  Presently his disciple, Swami Veda Bharati is tirelessly bearing the torch of this knowledge forward.  He offers jewels of the teachings of The Himalayan Tradition in most simple form.  This enables even common people to take the first steps on the in-journey to the core-peak of Self Realization.




In the service of the Guru Lineage


  1. Hamshira

    I feel and experience Swamiji and the Guru lineage blessings at all times. Thank you for initiating me and accepting as your desciple.

  2. I just wanted to get rid from the fear of death,which i constantly able to do by saying “God is with me” and having supreme devotion to him, just wanted to know whether I am going right or not,the goal is to get united with that almighty one day.Please help as u know the true answer and also want to know whatever we do in life is that predecided, and thus how we achieve our destiny and goal

  3. Allan

    Swami Veda is so a Beautifull personne, he is totally devoted for helping other, and the Himalayan tradition is pure and very helpfull for our liberation, and for a joyfull life. There are lots of god books from SW Rama and SW Veda for guiding us. you have to Read “Living with Himalayan masters from Swami Rama, and if you are ready take Guru Mantra initiation with a master from the lineage.

    Thanks to the whole Lineage.

  4. Robert Meginnis

    i would like so very much to hear about the women who were enlightened and bore the torch of knowledge too. Where might i learn more about them and their teachings and methods?

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